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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Bush Praises Samsung

Thursday, 17 November 2005
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President George W. Bush is said to have been full of praise for a Samsung cellular telephone he took a look at while in Busan for the APEC summit. The company said on Tuesday Bush paid special attention to a slim third-generation phone as well as the Serene model phone jointly produced by Samsung and Bang & Olufsen at the Samsung Electronics booth at the APEC IT exhibition last Friday.

Bush, the company claims, tried out the 14.9 mm thick slim phone, and hammed it up by asking to put through to White House. On seeing the Serene phone, he is said to have praised its design, according to company staff. When asked what kind of cell phone he was currently using, the president admitted he had been living without a cell phone for the last three years because calls are always put through to him by others.

Watching a demonstration of the wireless mobile Internet service WiBro developed by Samsung, Bush is said to have exclaimed, “Samsung is excellent.” He said he had known the company well because of its support from the time he served as Texas governor, the company claims.

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