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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Samsung to Challenge Apple in Online Music Field

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The vibes coming out of the Korean electronics giant Samsung, indicate that they could be very close to launching an iTunes type music store, to gain strong hold in the portable music market.

Take another look at Samsung and its market penetration. They have significant product offerings in all portable music device markets including MP3 players (branded YEPP), flash memory technology which powers the iPod Nano and not to forget cellphones that are going to be the converged mobile music device of the future. And the numbers speak for themselves; Samsung sold about 1.7 million MP3 players last year, which significantly trails the iPod offerings and the likes of Creative Zen. Also, Samsung has historically endorsed flash based technology which has its own technical limitations of peak storage. In order to gain more traction in the market place, they have recently jumped into the HDD based portable media player market, where iPod has been able to offer utpo 60GB of music storage. If portable music is on the radar for Samsung’s strategy, a music store targeted to Samsung’s devices can be a good way to offer a comprehensive portable music experience.

Earlier this year, Samsung also announced that it plans to catch up with Apple and become one of the top three leading MP3 manufacturers in 2007, by securing a market share of 25-30 percent. The key would be distinguishing their offerings from iTunes. Typically the approach that Apple and others have taken is to offer a larger choice of music, provide tight integration with their own iPod player offerings and customize music offerings for local markets. Samsung would only be able to afford to pursue this strategy after achieving some ground hold in this space.

By: PhoneMag

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Motorola Power Vision E815 Very Soon

MotorolaSprint PCS

While Samsung-Chaebol does not normally cover other manufactures handsets, we thought it was worth mentioning that the Motorola Power Vision handset is due out very soon, within the next week and a half. Expect the physical appearance to mirror the Verizon E815, while being a tad thicker, but also not quite as wide.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Samsung MM-A940 Released

Image hosted by Sprint PCS
Samsung MM-A940

The Samsung MM-A940 has just appeared on Sprint's webpage for purchase. The MM-A940 is the first handset to feature Power Vision (EV-DO). Other major features include Transflash removable memory, dual stereo speakers with speakerphone, Bluetooth 1.2, a 2MP camera with a 2x optical zoom lens, and a unique twist and flip camcorder like design. Samsung-Chaebol broke first live shots of the MM-A940, full retail price is $399.99.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Anyclub Music Video


Part One
Part Two

If you liked Anymotion, you'll love Anyclub.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Samsung's Luxury Phones for Sprint

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A900: Picsel File Viewer, 14.5MM flip with 2.2" QVGA, 1.3MP rotating camera, Bluetooth 1.2, MP3 controls, intenna, *possible* TF (conflicting sources), Flash GUI, stereo speakers with speakerphone, Beat Box motion sensing gyro, A2DP Bluetooth streaming. $499
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[PhoneScoop image]

A920: Sexy-in black design, 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth 1.2, Transflash, MP3 controls, intenna, stereo speakers with speakerphone. $349

A940: Samsung "Giant"- Picsel File Viewer, 2MP 2x optical CCD with macro/auto-focus, Bluetooth 1.2, Transflash, MP3 controls, intenna, stereo speakers with speakerphone, rotating screen, 1 hour of high quality video capture, Beat box motion sensor. $399 (with stereo earphones, 32MB TF)
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[Thanks ROLF]

A960: Samsung "Oracle"- Picsel File Viewer, 2MP CCD with macro/auto-focus, QVGA, external OLED, TransFlash, Bluetooth 1.2,MP3 controls, intenna, stereo speakers with speakerphone, Flash GUI. (Price Unknown)

CDMA SGH-T809: Samsung "Juke"- 17MM thick, slider form factor, Sexy-in black, Picsel File Viewer, 1.3MP CCD with auto-focus, Bluetooth 1.2, Transflash, intenna, stereo speakers with speakerphone, Flash GUI, QVGA. (Price Unknown, expected $499)
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Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
[PhoneScoop Image]

Samsung 5MP: Picsel File Viewer, 2.2" QVGA, Bluetooth 1.2, 5MP CCD camera with *possible* 3x optical powered extendable zoom lens (macro/auto-focus), TransFlash, intenna, stereo speakers with speakerphone, Flash GUI.

They will all be EV-DO and all have Voice Signals advanced suite of full dictation:)

All are scheduled from now until Q2 2006, with the A960/Juke/5MP being the ones for 06".

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Samsung SPH-A900/BLADE Approved by FCC

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As Samsung-Chaebol originally reported, the SPH-A900/BLADE, has now been approved via the FCC.

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Click for lager image

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Samsung to Double LCD Sales by 2010

10/19/05- Korea Times:
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Samsung LCD

Samsung Electronics aims to double its annual sales of liquid-crystal display (LCD) panels to $20 billion and to introduce 100-inch models by 2010, Lee Sang-wan, CEO of the LCD division, said on Wednesday.

The Korean electronics giant also expects the worldwide market for flat-panel displays to grow by 75 percent to $115 billion over next five years due to the growing demand for high-end television sets.

Lee said that this year’s sales of Samsung Electronics is estimated to reach $10 billion and it will expand to $20 billion in 2010. Lee disclosed these figures during a keynote speech at FPD International 2005, a conference for flat-panel display businesses being held in Yokohama, Japan. He added that in order to accomplish the goal, Samsung will develop new markets for LCDs and will strengthen its leadership in related technologies.

Lee forecasted that the increasing demand for LCD television sets will lead the market growth over the period. Television’s portion in total LCD panel sales will continually rise from 17 percent this year to 42 percent in 2010, he said.

Currently, PC monitors and mobile handsets account for around 40 percent and 27 percent of LCD demand, respectively.

He said that three years ago, Samsung expected the flat-panel display market to grow to $47 billion but the market has grown far faster than projected and reached $66 billion, adding that the market can grow to $115 billion by 2010.

Lee predicted that 100-inch LCD televisions will be available in the market by 2010. Currently, a 65-inch screen from Japan’s Sharp is the largest of the kind in the market, while Samsung recently developed an 82-inch panel in March.

LCDs are more adequate for screens less than 50 inches due to the higher manufacturing costs of plasma-display panel (PDP) televisions. For PDPs, Samsung and LG Electronics both have presented 102-inch prototypes this year, and the former is selling 80-inch models at around 130 million won.

Samsung has been competing with LG.Philips LCD for dominance of the LCDs. Samsung’s LCD department had recorded sales of 8.7 trillion won ($8.6 billion) in 2004 and 5.2 trillion won ($5.2 billion won) in 2003. The company expects it will reach the 10-trillion won mark this year, as accumulated sales until the third quarter recorded 8.3 trillion won.

An LCD is a thin, flat display device made up of hundreds of thousands of color pixels arrayed in front of a light source or reflector. It uses relatively small amounts of electric power compared to traditional displays using cathode ray tubes (CRT), and has been widely used for battery-powered electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones as well as televisions and monitors.

By: Korea Times

Monday, October 17, 2005

JBenchmark Ranks Samsung SPH-A900

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSprint PCS

262K 320x240 QVGA, 73MBs onboard memory.


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Samsung SGH-T809

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Update: PhoneScoop has complete first impressions and more photos of the SGH-T809

Samsung treated the press today, showing off their brand-spankin' new SGH-T809 in New York, and boy is it a sweet one.

Comes complete with complete Bluetooth 1.2, a QVGA display, TF card functionality, a 1.3MP Auto-focus, macro CCD camera, all in a sex, Razr esque package.

Look for this one to make a T-Mobile USA appearance within a month as well as a CDMA release here shortly thereafter. You heard that here first.

Samsung SGH-T809

Samsung SGH-T809
Click for More Photos.

Photos coursey of Mobile Burn.

Samsung BLADE = SPH-A900

The Samsung Blade now appears to be the Samsung SPH-A900.

The 5MP Samsung that was previously thought to be the BLADE will most likely appear as the SPH-A980 or SPH-1000.

Samsung SPH-A920 Photo

Image hosted by Sprint PCS

Samsung is showing off the SCH-A950 and SPH-A920 side by side on their accessories page.

[Thanks PMB33]

Samsung SPH-A920

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Samsung MM-A940: $399

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSprint PCS

Sprint has placed the price for the Samsung MM-A940 on it's resepcted webpage. Although the A940s phone page on Sprints ordering website has been existent for quite some months now, the updated price now confirms the $399 rumors that have been spilling around the internet.

Click for Full Image

Monday, October 10, 2005

Samsung SCH-A950 Released

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Verizon has officially released the Samsung SCH-A950, Verizon's latest entry into the VCast, EV-DO craze. The A950 comes packed with Bluetooth (limited profiles), EV-DO, a 176x220 262K internal display, speakerphone with dual stereo speakers, an intenna, a scollwheel and music buttons on the front flip, TF card slot, and a 1.3MP camera.

Full Retail = $369.
2 Year is $249 - $100 rebate = $149
1 Year is $299 - $100 rebate = $199

Friday, October 07, 2005

Bang&Olufsen Samsung Serene (SGH-A910)

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Not so long ago, Bang&Olufsen and Samsung announced their intentions to collaborate for the development of a phone like no other. And the result is indeed beyond any expectations. Having a trapezoidal shape, measuring 69.7x64.7x23.9 mm and weighing 114 grams, Samsung Serene is a black clamshell phone; this type of design was very successful for Samsung.

All of the phone’s components are designed for simplicity and comfort. When unfolded, the two almost equal halves, joined by a metallic portion, reveal the 2.1 inch, 260,000 color QVGA display, and the keys circularly disposed around a wheel which can be thumb operated. This layout bears a striking resemblance to the iPod.

Samsung and Bang&Olufsen wanted to have a unique phone and that is why each element has been carefully designed. The colors, fonts, screen format and size have been specially selected with logical operation in mind.

To maintain the concept’s integrity, Samsung and Bang&Olufsen have even introduced some limitations. In this way, the background image cannot be changed by the user. These limitations, together with the fact that Samsung Serene doesn’t have an external display, won’t thrill users to much, but the producers consider that the targeted segment (persons aged over 28, with incomes above average and an active social life), won’t care too much about these “drawbacks”.

The phone’s features also include a digital camera, whose lens is placed on one of the phone’s sides; the battery provides enough power for 2 hours of talks and 180 hours in Stand-by.

The charger is a veritable work of art, the device allowing Samsung Serene to be used as a minilaptop, and its metallic color blends in perfectly with the entire concept.

According to the Samsung Serene press release, the device will be launched at the end of the year in Europe, Russia and Ukraine, with a price ranging from 1000 to 1100 Euro.

A complete presentation of this phone is available here .

By: Softpedia

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Samsung Group's Internal Power Struggle

10/4/05- Korea Times:
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Samsung Electronics seems to be increasingly adopting the principle of competition, distancing itself from its usual practice of giving special treatment to sister companies or other business divisions within the corporation.

The latest case in point is the decision by the semiconductor division of Samsung Electronics to give big volume discounts on NAND flash memory to Apple Computer of the U.S. at the expense of sales by the electronics firm’s MP3 player business unit. Apple’s decision to ditch its hugely popular hard disk drive-based iPod mini to make way for the NAND flash-based iPod nano allowed the U.S. portable digital jukebox vendor to significantly shave production costs.

The agreement is forecast to deal a direct blow to the sales and profitability of smaller MP3 player makers worldwide and Samsung Electronics’ MP3 player unit is no exception. Earlier this year, the company announced its bold vision to beef up its MP3 player business.

Therefore, the semiconductor division’s sweet flash supply deal is expected to boomerang on Samsung Electronics itself in a bitter sales loss by the digital media division’s MP3 players. Apple is believed to have signed a deal to purchase 40 percent of Samsung’s 2- and 4-gigabyte flash memory output.

The electronics stalwart has also waged a power struggle against its sister company Samsung SDI, the world’s biggest plasma display panel (PDP) module maker, over the rights to develop and commercialize the next-generation display organic light emitting diode (OLED).

The digital media division also encroached upon other business divisions’ territories, single-handedly producing 37-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs currently on sale in Europe. Samsung’s LCD operation does not produce 37-inch LCD modules and is unhappy about the digital media operation’s arbitrary decision.

Moreover, the digital media division recently rolled out the Miniket VP-MS15 digital camcorder, which has strengthened the digital still-shot function, and this may chip away the digital camera sales of Samsung Techwin.

Such profit-first business decisions sometimes result in considerable financial sacrifices from other business divisions within the company or sister firms, triggering concerns that the solidarity of the Samsung Group may be disrupted.

It remains to be seen whether the overheated competition is a result of Samsung Group’s decision to single out the most profitable business operations and discard less profitable ones aimed at re-streamlining its business portfolio through the "survival of the fittest" scheme or whether it is just a consequence of the conglomerate’s profit-related-bonus system by business division.

Regarding the inefficiency of the overlapping investments in specific items within Samsung Group, a Samsung Electronics official said "such intra-company competition is inevitable due to the accelerating digital convergence trend and competition will continue to increase in the future.’’

By: Korea Times

Sunday, October 02, 2005

More of Hyori...More of Anymotion

Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Handset Details Emerge


Sprint PCS

1. Flash GUI might be here faster than you think. It is a real possibility that the A920/A940 will ship with it. You will also be able to skin the media player/visualizations.

2. Samusung SPH-A960: Flip with everything under the sun, including a QVGA and 2MP camera (up from 1.3). OLED/TF/EV-DO remain in the mix.

3. Sanyo SCP-5700: Flip with everything under the sun, including a QVGA, and 2MP camera. Major emphasis on data, as it will come equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, and EV-DO.

4. Sprint seems to be looking a second 5MP from Samsung, this time with an optical zoom, the SPH-V7800. This is more of a rumor, but still holds some merit.