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Monday, September 26, 2005

Samsung SPH-A940 Commercial

Update 2.1:

We now have the COMPLETE Samsung commercial spot featuring the MM-A940 to show.

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SprintPCSinfo Editor-In-Chief Chris Price explains the commercial:

"Samsung buys yearly ad spots and this time every year they promote their most powerful Sprint phone. Last year's ad spot was the A700. This year's is the A940.

Unfortunately, most people don't remember TV ads from only a year ago, where we went through the same process of the A700 being in TV ads and not in-stores.

These ads are made and targeted long before carrier and device approval is completed, and are always running before the launch of the device. Samsung does this to save money, not create confusion."

Image hosted by Sprint PCS

Samsung is showcasing the SPH-A940 in television spots, pointing to an immediate release of the phone, and Sprint's 3G EV-DO network. It is important to note that this is not a Sprint commercial, but a Samsung one, which are rare.

Samsung Experience
Samsung Experience

Samsung SPH-A820 Released

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSprint PCS

Samsung has luanched the Samsung RL-A820 for Sprint.

Ready Link
96x96 Exterior display (grayscale)
128x160 65K STN display
Voice SMS
Voice Signal Text-To-Speech(Spoken Navigation)
Synchronized Vibration from VibeTonzTM

Samsung RL-A820Samsung RL-A820

Sprint Media Release

Friday, September 23, 2005

Samsung EV-DO Launch

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSprint PCS

Sprint will be releasing Power Vision (EV-DO) in early November.

Launch phones include:

Samsung MM-A920 (1.3MP, intenna, BT, TF)
Samsung MM-A940 (2.0MP, intenna, swivel, BT, TF)
Motorola E815 Java Phone (1.3MP, BT, TF)
Sanyo 9000 (1.3MP, QVGA, MiniSD)

Future phones include:

Samsung A900/BLADE (1.3MP, 17MM thick, QVGA, BT, OLED, Flash GUI, 128MBs RAM)
Samsung A960 (1.3MP, intenna, QVGA, BT, OLED, Flash GUI, TF)
Samsung (unspecified, possibly 1000) (5MP, QVGA, Flash GUI, TF)
Sanyo 7500 (1.3MP, BT)
Sanyo 5700 (2.0MP, BT, QVGA, MiniSD)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Samsung Supplies Wibro System to Sprint Nextel

Thursday, 15 September 2005
Establishes Cooperation in Developing International Standards:

Samsung InnovationSamsung Innovation

Samsung Electronics announced Thursday that it agreed on supplying Wibro(Wireless Broadband) system to Sprint Nextel of the US.

Samsung Innovation

The handset maker said that they would test Wibro system and devices jointly with Sprint-Nextel and provide a pilot service to carry out field tests and compatibility with Sprint data networks. The two also agreed to strengthen cooperation to promote Wibro as an international standard and technological advancement.

As Wibro makes its way to the world’s largest telecom market, it would get more momentum to be spread to the world and be an international standard, Samsung said. This is the first time that homegrown telecom technology and system penetrate the US market.

Last month at Samsung 4G Forum 2005, Samsung successfully demonstrated such Wibro services as seamless Internet access and video call while moving at 80km/hr.

Samsung plans to unveil more affordable and usable devices at APEC slated for November in Busan and to commercialize the service in the first half of next year for the first time in the world.


Samsung dominates OLED market

20 September 2005
Shipments of OLED grow 82% with Samsung accounting for 30% of sales.

Samsung Innovation

The Korean electronics giant Samsung is dominating the soaring market for organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, according to the latest set of figures from the US-based analyst DisplaySearch.

Samsung Innovation

In its most recent “Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report”, DisplaySearch reveals that OLED shipments in Q2 2005 grew 82% over the same period in 2004 to reach 14.2 m units worth $124.8m. Samsung SDI dominated the market accounting of 30% ($37.2m) of sales in the period, followed by RiTdisplay, Pioneer, Univision and LGE (see table).

OLED league table
Samsung Innovation

DisplaySearch says that the growth in shipments was largely due to an explosion in demand (1300% growth) for passive matrix (PMOLED) displays for portable music (mp3) players. It believes that OLEDs have now captured about 40% of the market. The reason for dramatic transition from LCDs to OLEDs in portable equipment is likely to be OLED’s reduced power consumption which helps extend battery life.

OLED applications
Samsung Innovation

“All of the growth is in PMOLEDs using small molecule material,” said Display Search in its report. “PLED [Polymer light emitting diode] material panel producers now represent less than 3% of the total shipments.”

While this is good news for Kodak which pioneered small molecule OLED technology and has now licensed it more than a dozen firms it must be worrying for companies such as CDT of the UK which are developing rival polymer organic light emitting material (PLED).

Last month, Philips decided to exit the PLED market after saying that its PolyLED business did not become financially viable within an acceptable period of time. OTB of The Netherlands purchased the business for an undisclosed sum of cash.